Who Are We?

The North Carolina Respite Care Coalition is a grassroots network of parents, family caregivers and professionals in the field of respite care as well as government funding representatives and others from across the state who have an investment in family support services.

The coalition began in 1997 with a small group of people interested in forming a network and making respite care known and available to all in our state who need it. Today NCRCC operates as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation. 
Respite care can be needed at any time by anyone, across the lifespan. From parents who need care for their child while they are hospitalized to a spouse who needs relief from the constant care of an Alzheimer’s patient, there are many instances in which respite care can help a stressful situation.

Respite care can be provided in many ways by volunteers, in the faith community and by human service agencies. The NCRCC would like all these resources to be known and available. The coalition would like to increase funding for this care and look for new ways to provide it.

“[Respite] allowed my husband and me an opportunity to get together with friends as a couple and to spend time out of town without having to worry about our loved one. It did recharge our batteries and our marriage.”
Caring for a parent with dementia

NCRCC Mission

The mission of the North Carolina Respite Care Coalition is to promote and support a statewide quality intergenerational respite care system.

NCRCC Vision

Throughout North Carolina there is an established sustainable network that meets the respite needs of families, caregivers, and individuals across the lifespan.

NCRCC Value Statement

Respite care enhances the quality of life for the caregiver, their loved one and their community through timely, temporary care. Providing the balance to maintain a healthy approach to caregiving supports families across the lifespan. The NCRCC unites providers, caregivers and communities in growing quality lifespan respite care in North Carolina.